Dnest was established in 2014, with focus on real-estate investments, renovations and a variety of apartment management options. The Dnest team have carried out dozens of successful projects, rents and property acquisitions in Budapest since then.

The company started an apartment management business when there were just 700 airbnb units in the city, (today there are more than 25.000). As the market started to expand, our team created our unique hosting system. With hard work and dedication during the years Dnest managed to establish a professional, dynamic, reliable company and increased its size and amount of products that can be offered to our clients.

Since 2016, Dnest has supervised dozens of high quality renovations and real estate splits for airbnb and student rentals. These projects have been carried out by associates capable of doing full-scale renovations in short time according to a specific need and budget. Dnest is supervising every single stage of the works personally so the plans will be executed in the highest quality, exactly as discussed with the home-owner.

In 2017, Dnest obtained a licence for practicing as a real-estate agency as well, Dnest has several years of experience on the Hungarian market in selling, buying and creating business plans for investors.

Dnest has the capacity to tailor its services to the exact needs of every homeowner. We carefully create the investment plan that best serves your interest and budget. As interesting new market tendencies are reshaping the real estate market in 2020, homeowners and investors face new challenges. Budapest price trends are on a turning point, demand and supply is different from previous years. Shall it be selling or buying, new factors need to be considered to make educated decisions today: Dnest is committed to grow to be the best prepared consultancy in Budapest.

Daniel csala CEO

20th May 2020

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