Investment Consulting

Buying a property for investment or living can be very complicated. You must take into account information about: return on investment, Hungarian taxation, insurance and value, while trying to get maximum earnings -for these reasons, we are here to help. We can provide you with local guidance based on our experience from smaller purchases to bigger projects and relevant business plans.
Price: 2-3% of the project value + VAT

Renovation management

Dnest can help renovate your new apartment,
Finding the right team to execute a renovation plan can be challenging.
Currently we are partners with several renovation teams that can help you renovate any real-estate object with our guidance, we are proud to carry out our renovations in a transparent and timely manner

Sell your apartment

Our team uses a variety of property marketing tools to sell your apartment. We are advertising in Hungary, Austria and Israel.
Exclusive contract 2%+vat
Non exclusive 3%+vat

Hosting license acquisition

Regulation on vacation rentals varies district by district in Budapest. Having the right information on hosting licences can be a decisive factor on buying an apartment in the city. Our consultants will help you understand the legal environment of hosting and can assist you all the way until getting a hosting licence.
Price: 250 EUR + VAT for consulting 500 EUR + VAT for acquisition

Rent or buy an apartment in Budapest

If you are interested in renting or buying an apartment in the city you can select from our available apartments or we can provide you with personalized care to select the best option in the city.
We do not charge buyers or renters with agency fees.

Apartment Set Up

Creating a unique interior design for your apartment optimized for short, mid or long term rents, depending on what's the most beneficial for you and organizing a professional photoshoot for high quality advertising.
Price: 500 - 1000 EUR + furnishing

Why us?

  • Increase your bookings up to 85-90% occupancy
  • Get over 30% more net income from your long term lease potential
  • We strive to get a Super Host status for every listing
  • 100% care free property management

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